About Joseph Ashford

When it comes to describing Joseph Ashford, many words that can be used, but one that most accurately sums him up would have to be – entrepreneurial. A family man, Joseph Ashford has built a reputation over the years as a man who people can trust. Loyalty and respect are two virtues that Joseph holds in high regard, and it’s this approach that has endeared him to so many.

His meticulous attention to detail has always set him apart and is what makes him such an invaluable choice for those seeking services such as PR, Strategic Marketing and Event Management. Joseph’s ethos extends to K4, a company shaped by his vision of providing a contemporary and aspiring global movement.
Each member of the K4 team shares Joseph’s vision of providing outstanding service. Joseph’s experience and skills have been documented below, so you’ll have a much more precise understanding of what Joseph and K4 can do for you.

Joseph Ashford and Public Relations

About Joseph Ashford

From managing reputations and developing awareness to shifting perceptions, Joseph has been involved in public relations for many years. He heads up a team whose dynamic capability, passion and tenacity are traits instilled by the man himself. Many of the K4 team have extensive journalistic backgrounds as well as highly coveted media connections.

They are well-versed in the use of a wide range of PR programmes ranging from Prezly and Coverage Book to Gorkana and Powly. It is access to these resources which helps Joseph to provide his clients with a proactive and inventive solution that expertly combines strategic excellence with first-class innovation.
Joseph is closely affiliated with the PRCA, and its ties such as these that only serve to help him and his team provide a truly bespoke and results-focused service. From start-up companies and large, established names to A-listers; Joseph and his team have assisted many with advertising campaigns that have truly dazzled.

Joseph Ashford and Strategic Marketing

Over the years, Joseph has assisted a variety of clients with achieving market dominance through clever and well-executed strategic marketing. Joseph is backed by a team of professionals, many of whom have extensive marketing backgrounds and skill sets including knowledge of online and offline marketing strategies. K4 uses a wide range of tools include Datorama, Bizible and HubSpot to provide support in numerous marketing subdivisions.
Joseph Ashford and the team are also regularly involved with marketing events both here in the UK and abroad. One event that Joseph recently attended and participated in was the B2B Marketing Expo in London. Here, Joseph worked closely with several clients, connecting them with exhibitors and getting them involved with various seminars and masterclasses.
The team regularly attend events such as this, and those looking to promote their short and long-term goals are advised to seek them out. The diversity and intelligence of Joseph and his team make them global leaders in result-orientated strategic consulting services.

Joseph Ashford and VIP

As well as rebuilding reputations, Joseph and his team also excel in managing the lifestyles of VIPs. Contrary to popular belief, the VIP lifestyle isn’t an easy one. It takes time to build a client’s image, and it only takes one bad decision to undo all the hard work. With carefully thought out lifestyle management, a strategy can be devised that works to promote the client’s best interests.
This is yet another area where Joseph has excelled for many years, providing a bespoke service that caters to a variety of lifestyles. Joseph heads up K4 whose in-house VIP consultants are drawn from various backgrounds such as marketing, advertising and even security. From promoting a brand’s image to safeguarding and protecting the client from harm, Joseph and his team are committed to delivering services that are second-to-none.
For security reasons, the specifics of K4’s VIP service cannot be disclosed, but over the years Joseph and his team have worked with a variety of clients. From UHNWIs and business owners to A-listers, Joseph possesses an impressive portfolio that demonstrates exceptional results and meticulous attention to detail.

Joseph Ashford and Event Management

Event management can be a tricky concept to navigate. There are many aspects to consider, and every piece must fall into place at precisely the right moment or risk tanking the entire event. Joseph Ashford and his team of professional event coordinators have worked with many clients over the years, delivering multi-national event management services.

They can handle all aspects of event management including:
• Event Design
• Brand Building
• Audio-Visual Production
• Negotiation

From smaller, more intimate functions to global press trips and large-scale product launches, the team are often involved with a variety of exciting projects. They also routinely attend marketing events such as Superweek, Learn Inbound and BrightonSEO where they apply their expert knowledge to assist attendees in all manner of capacities.

Joseph Ashford has assembled a team that is dedicated and reliable. Many of the K4 roster have backgrounds in event management and possess a creative flair that is sure to bring any brand’s vision to life. They, along with Joseph, work with a wide range of exceptional event marketing tools such as Bizzabo, Event Farm and Splash.

Many of the team also possess extensive industry connections which ensure that any event goes off without a hitch. Whether you’re planning a party, a product launch or wish to draw upon the extensive technical expertise of event management experts, Joseph and his team are always on hand to help.